Online betting gamers should link sports betting accounts with NIN – House of Reps

The Informant247 reports that the House of Representatives has implored the Federal Government of Nigeria to make sure that customers of online betting link their bank accounts with their National Identity Numbers.

The House ordered the National Lottery Regulatory Commission to make sure that all betting operators in Nigeria include the National Identity Number (NIN) in their data collection.

This resolution came following a motion moved by Ibrahim Isiaka on Thursday.

Isiaka via his motion disclosed “that the global gaming market is undoubtedly a huge one estimated to generate between $400 to $500 billion yearly and with the consistency of the current trends, by 2022, it is set to be worth around $565 billion with increasing amounts of revenues coming from online gaming in its many forms.”

He revealed that most of the customers cannot be physically identified, insisting that it would be too risky to allow such huge level of transactions, without proper data.

“Mindful that with age-restricted businesses like casinos and online gaming platforms, the critical barrier to entry for customers is age and identity verification, therefore there is an increased need for such verifications in virtual situations in order to secure both the customers and the operators.

“Imperative for regulators to place a premium on data security of gamers and gaming operators and one readily available way to achieve this is to integrate the National identity Numbers (NIN) into the data collection of both new and existing customers,” he said.

The motion was welcomed without debate.

The House therefore compelled the Committee on Governmental Affairs to effect compliance.

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