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Top 20 schools to compete in final round of Dele Shittu Foundation’s statewide oratory contest

In a remarkable effort to promote educational excellence and celebrate Children’s Day, the Dele Shittu Foundation, in collaboration with the Kwara State Ministry of Education, is set to host the grand finale of its statewide oratory competition.

The event will take place on May 26, 2020, at the Kwara State Banquet Hall, starting at 10 AM promptly.

The oratory contest, which has seen vigorous participation from 60 schools across the state, is designed to stimulate lively discussions among students, encouraging them to articulate their thoughts effectively and cultivate critical thinking abilities.

The competition, now in its final round, will feature the top twenty schools competing for the coveted top three positions.

This grand finale promises to be a display of intellectual prowess and eloquence, with each school represented by one student at a time.

According to the Dele Shittu Foundation’s team, the event has not only enhanced students’ writing skills but also instilled confidence in expressing their ideas and opinions.

They noted that the debate serves as a platform to recognize the talent and potential of the youth, emphasizing the crucial role of literacy and education in shaping their future. By showcasing their intellectual and creative abilities, students gain a sense of achievement and motivation.

The Dele Shittu Foundation, a dedicated non-governmental organization committed to advancing the welfare of women and young men in Nigeria, believes in the transformative power of education.

The foundation’s initiatives aim to cultivate a passion for learning, foster academic excellence, and empower the younger generation to contribute meaningfully to societal development.

The grand finale will not only feature the final round of the competition but also include insightful discussions on issues affecting children, recognition ceremonies to honor their achievements and contributions to society, networking opportunities, community engagement activities, and refreshments. This comprehensive celebration stresses the importance of nurturing and supporting children, reinforcing the foundation’s commitment to creating sustainable communities through education, health, and shared prosperity.

The journey to the finale has been intense, with three rounds of competition. In the first level of the competition, various schools submitted essays on a predetermined topic. This stage eliminated over 40 schools, leaving just 20 to compete in the final event. The final event consists of three rounds, where 17 schools will be eliminated to identify the top three

The Dele Shittu Foundation invites everyone to join this meaningful celebration and witness the remarkable talents of the young participants.

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