Aguero and Balotelli live

Kun Agüero tries to fulfil Balotelli’s dream during live

Mario Balotelli, the former AC Milan and Inter striker, revealed his wish to Sergio Aguero. However, Aguero, nicknamed “Kun,” tried to set up a negotiation live.

You can call it the “metamarket” if you want: something beyond the classic transfer market logic, intertwined with social media. Live, with a microphone in front of him, “El Kun” Sergio Aguero may have fulfilled Mario Balotelli’s dream.

The two former Manchester City teammates (we should remember Balotelli’s assist for the 3-2 goal in the legendary match against QPR which won the Premier League in 2012) found themselves talking about the future on the last day of the English Premier League.

Balotelli then revealed his wish: “My dream is to play at the Bombonera.” Aguero tried to make his dream come true.

Balotelli’s Future

Balotelli has not yet decided on his future, given that his contract with his current club will expire at the end of the season.

“This year my contract expires, I will be free, ” says Balotelli

The former Milan and Inter player returned to Adana Demirspor in September, signing an agreement until June 30, 2024. In short, he will be a free agent at almost 34 years old.

Aguero Sends a Voice Message to Riquelme

At that point, Aguero thought about it and decided to take the phone: select the chat and send a message to Juan Roman Riquelme, president of Boca Juniors.

“Hi Romi, I’m here watching City-West Ham with Mario Balotelli, and I wanted to tell you that his dream is to play for Boca. Now it’s up to you, he’s free in June.”

Balotelli’s Dream

“My dream is to play at the Bombonera”: this is how, without beating around the bush, Balotelli told Aguero his intentions.

El Kun did not beat around the bush in replying: “If this is your dream, Roman (Riquelme) must call you.”

“Do you think I would be happy in Argentina?”, Balotelli asked at that point, sensing the possibility of moving to South America.

“Yes, I think your style of play would be perfect for Boca, but if this is your dream, people will love you because you admitted early on that you wanted to play for Boca,” Aguero added.

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