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Famous British and football commentator Peter Drury has agreed to join Sky sports for the new premier league season.

Drury will replace Martin Tyler who left Sky Sports after 30-years of service as he didn’t have his contract renewed.

55-year-old Drury who is currently the voice of the Premier league on the US Broadcaster NBC sports will become the Sky sports main commentator.

He has endeared himself to many with his mastery of English and commentary which often repleted with interesting words.

Drury began his broadcast career on local radio in Leeds in 1990.

He is expected to continue to present for the US audience, it is understood even after teaming up with Sky sports where he  joins Rob Hawthorne, Bill Leslie, Seb Hutchinson, Dan Mann, Gary Weaver and Ian Crocker.

Drury will focus on one game a week for the broadcaster, which would be on Sunday, Monday or midweek

I’m massively excited to be joining Sky’s outstanding roster of commentators,’ Drury said.

‘To be working on the best games week in week out with a broadcaster that has told the Premier League story since the very beginning feels like the opportunity of my career and I can’t wait to get started. He said

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