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Kwara: Army begins special operations in Ifelodun, Edu, Patigi

Nigerian army has commenced a coordinated security sweep across three local government areas of Kwara State, a step obviously being taken to ward off any security breach in any part of the state.

Security sources said other agencies, including police and the secret service, have also intensified intelligence gathering efforts in collaboration with the state government to foil any planned attacks on the state.

One of the sources said, “There are intelligence reports that point at the danger of attacks. So the state government has mobilized security agencies and raised the alerts to prevent any breaches. But it is also important for everyone to report suspicious activities or new faces in their environment.

“At this stage, everyone must work with the government and security agencies to disallow evil elements from disrupting the peace of the state of launch attacks on government installations or neighborhoods with human population.”

Another source said many parts of Nigeria, including Kwara, are now recording “opportunistic abductions” done to extort the political class as campaign begins across the country.

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