Portable Burna 6 other Nigerian celebs with eye catching tattoos

Body art: Portable, Burna, 6 other Nigerian celebs with eye-catching tattoos

Consider the average Nigerian celebrity, and you’ll probably discover a few singers and movie stars among others who have interesting tattoos.

Portable, a contentious emerging talent, recently became popular on social media as he expanded his tattoo collection with new designs.

The agonizing process of creating a casket-like shape on the Zazu singer’s already crowded face caused netizens to mock him with Lil Wayne from the United States.

The musician is not the only Nigerian star with extravagant tattoos. View the list we’ve put up below:

  1. Olamide
  2. DJ Sose
  3. Tiwa Savage
  4. Tekno
  5. Burna Boy
  6. Davido
  7. Portable
  8. Actress Iyabo Ojo

Now, let us take a deep dive into each of them.


The rapper has so many tattoos that it’s difficult to keep track of them all, but like Portable, he has a distinctive drawing on the right side of his face.

The native rapper has another large painting on his chest and another tattoo that reads plainly, “Batifeori.”

The rapper hasn’t recently displayed any fresh artwork.


DJ Sose

The famous DJ is unquestionably one of the first Nigerian celebrities to have face tattoos.

Since he first entered the entertainment industry, DJ Sose has had a prominent drawing on one side of his face that has been a trademark of his appearance.

Additionally, he has maintained the drawing’s appeal and freshness. Well done!


Tiwa Savage

After revealing her big arm tattoo a few months ago, Mama Jamjam undoubtedly raised many eyes. The My Darling singer now openly displays body art that looks lovely on her right arm. It’s her most prominent tattoo.



The music producer and singer boasts of several drawings on different parts of his body. Tekno has tattoos on both arms, his neck and a couple just behind one of his ears. His latest tattoo is a massive microphone drawn on his left leg.


Burna Boy

It’s hard to keep count of Burna Boy’s tattoos as the Grammy-winning musician has more than a dozen on his body. However, one of his most prominent tattoos is the word ‘African Giant’ written on his tummy, and far above it is his mother’s name, Bose spelt boldly around his shoulder region. Burna has tattoos reaching as far as his fingers. Odogwu is truly bad!



Davido is a famous person who, like Burna Boy, attaches deep significance to the drawings on his body. The singer for 30BG has tattoos all over his body, and it’s amazing to see that two of them are of his three children. The musician also has 44, the nickname of his departed buddy and ex-label mate, written on the inside of his left arm.



While many celebrities have worries about getting a face tattoo, Portable doesn’t.

SOS, Ika of Africa, and Azaman are among the phrases that are boldly carved out on Portable’s face when you first look at it.

His most recent tattoo designs include a drawing that resembles a casket, and it is clear that he is far from done.


Actress Iyabo Ojo

The mother of two has a love for tattoos but she tries to keep things simple and minimal. Ojo, who enjoys rocking chest-revealing outfits, has no problem flaunting the tattoo sitting pretty on her bosom. The actress also has another drawing on her left arm.


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