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After successfully hosting the world cup, the Qatar Olympic Committee announced on Monday that the government of this Asian country is interested in organizing the 2036 Olympic Games.

According to reports, the committee has submitted a formal request to be considered in the first phase of dialogues.

The dialogues, which are not binding will also open opportunity to study and analyze if the country has the possibilities that the country has to host the event.

“The Qatar Olympic Committee announced today that it has formally delivered to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) its petition to join the ongoing dialogue phase to host a future edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as soon as 2036,” the body wrote through his Twitter account.

In addition to Qatar, other countries interested in hosting the event are Indonesia and India.

Qatar was rejected as a host for the Olympic Games three times: 2016, 2020 and 2032.

For now, Qatar will have to wait at least until 2036 since the organizations for Paris (France) in 2024, Los Angeles (United States) in 2028 and Brisbane (Australia) in 2032 have already been delivered.

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