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“Whiskey”: Burna Boy Releases Emotional Documentary Of His Hometown

The music video for “Whiskey,” one of Burna Boy‘s most moving songs from his “Love, Damini” album, has been released. It looks like a documentary.

Burna Boy addresses spirituality and reality topics in this gripping documentary that are mixed with melancholy, sorrow, suffering, anguish, death, resiliency, and hope. His best songs vividly depict civilizations and major events in his life, and Burna Boy has an astonishingly diverse musical style.

The video begins with memories of warmer times from 2021, when the Grammy Award winner visited Port Harcourt after adding the Grammy to his list of accomplishments. The beautiful oil metropolis, which has a lot of black soot pollution in the air and on the ground because of illegal refinery shortfalls, would see more bad things happen the next year, in 2022, when no one knew what was going to happen.

At an exclusive screening of the mini-doc in London last night, Burna Boy went on to say, “Everything was a lot worse than the way I left it. The air was fully polluted, everything would be black when you woke up, even the cars.

It’s really what you see in the documentary. This is real life, everyday life for my people. I feel like we’ll make songs about everything else, so why not make songs about what’s really going on and what’s really affecting the people in real-time? That’s what the song ‘Whiskey’ is. I hope it does its job and creates the necessary awareness and some type of change comes from this. If you don’t know, now you know.”

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