Steward ‘suspended’ for taking picture with Osimhen

A match day steward at the AS Roma Stadium, Matteo Lo Cicero has been suspended by from working at Stadio Olimpico for taking a selfie with Super Eagles and Napoli striker, Victor Osimhen, 

Matteo met with Osimhen off the pitch after the game between AS Roma and Napoli which ended in favour of the Naples side on Sunday evening.

It would be recalled that Osimhen was the hero of the game, netting the winner in the 80th minutes after taking advantage of a poor defending from Chris Smalling to score from an acute angle.

The 18-year old informal worker who is of Ethiopian origin was in the area reserved for families with the yellow bib where he met Oma Akatugba a Nigerian and UEFA accredited Joournalist who in turn helped him meet Osimhen.

Matteo had told Oma that the Napoli Star is his idol and would be a dream come true to meet him.

“He quickly opened his phone to show me all Victor’s pictures on his phone and how he always posts about Victor. So he asked me to make his dream come true which was to meet and take a picture with Victor. I told him sure I will take you to Victor. Perhaps to say thank you”. said Oma in a series of tweets.

Oma noted that the the teenager was very happy to see Osimhen who he would later took a picture with exactly the same spot where Tammy Abraham had seated earlier with the Super Eagles Striker.

“After a bit of waiting I was introduced to Victor: he took me by the arm and I sat next to him, right where Tammy Abraham sat just before. My hands were shaking at that moment, my dream had come true at that moment. I showed him all his photos, his videos, he has very much appreciated. I’m obsessed with him, I’m always looking for hidden anecdotes. He even got excited looking at my eighteen year old cake, “Matteo told the Serie A news website.

While it could have been a perfect day for Matteo, it was a turn of event when the Manager of the duty area noticed and signalled that he will no longer be able to serve in the matches in which the Roma will play at the Olimpico, although the young man was paid for Sunday anyway.

“I asked Victor to take a selfie, I immediately sent it to my parents. They know how much I wanted to meet Victor. After a while ‘, however, a Roma manager arrived who asked me to give her the steward’s refectory and that I would not be able to be with a footballer in my workplace. At that moment Victor got up and asked the woman for an explanation, asking her why he had that reaction: “He is my brother, he’s here with me. Why are you doing this?”

“I couldn’t accept that they were kicking me out. I told Victor not to worry and I would leave immediately. but asked ‘How much are they paying you?’ and I tried to reassure him. It was enough for me to meet him, but he insisted. I told him the amount and he started freaking out, he couldn’t accept that I was being treated that way for a figure like that” he narrated.

According to Oma, Osimhen has promised that someone will reach out to the boy soon.

“He said to Oma to write to me, he added that he would take care of the situation and not to worry me. He insisted on letting me stay with him, he worried if I was losing my job. He is a golden person, an incredible guy and not the usual VIP . I want to thank Oma, without him it would never have happened. I really made the right choice to choose such an idol! “.Matteo added.

Osimhen, who recently returned from injury has now scored five goals in all competitions in the current season.

It was noted that sitting with a player during work contravenes the rules even as reports say that the club the teenager works for has not fired him, but will continue to call him for the Lazio matches.

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