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Former Nigerian boxer, Jeremiah Okorodudu has died after suffering a partial stroke.

Okorodudu, who was one of Nigeria’s most celebrated boxers in the 1980s, died at a private hospital in Surulere, Lagos on Wednesday

“Jerry really suffered. For the past two years, he had partial stroke and diabetes,” her wife Adenika Oborududu said

“His leg was supposed to have been amputated on Saturday but he gave up the ghost this night at the hospital we took him to in Lawanson in Surulere.

“I tried all I could to raise awareness for support so as to avoid what happened tonight. But he has gone finally.

“Very sad. We are just trying to take him to the mortuary now. My husband has gone.”

The 64-year-old who reportedly battled foot ulcer in the past couple of years, competed in the men’s middleweight category at the 1984 summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

He won a bronze medal at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia and also won gold at the 1979 National Sports Festival in Ibadan.

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