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I spend more time in Abuja than my state – Governor Fayemi

Governor of Ekiti State, John Kayode Fayemi has concurred with the speculation that he is ruling his state from Abuja, the federal capital territory.

There have been assumptions that some governors will abandon their states and move to Abuja when they emerge.

Some governors have allegedly travelled overseas while their states were suffering.

The Governor of Ekiti State in an interview on television agreed that he spends more time in Abuja than his state.

He however told people not to worry about where he spends his time, but they should rather be worried about whether he performs his constitutional duty or not.

“I do,” Fayemi said when asked if he truly spends more time in Abuja than Ekiti.

“I know some [people] feel it. Certainly, I spend more time [in Abuja] in this second term in office than I did in my first term in office.

“But, you know, that shouldn’t bother anyone beyond perception level, bother. It is whether it is telling on my performance as a governor that should be worrying,” he stated.

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