“I love my man so much, I can dash him my kidney” – Bobrisky tells lover

A controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky has showered praise on his lover after receiving a heartwarming letter from him.

Bobriksy’s declaration of his unending love for his lover, has come as a reaction to the heartwarming message forwarded to him by his lover.

He took to social media, Snapchat to declare that his massive love for a man he said he would not be able to live without.

”I’m in love. I love my man so much. I doubt i can live without him. If that man need my kidney tomorrow I’m ready to give him mine to live.

”He’s just perfect with everything .. he fuck me good, he makes me want more of him. He spend on me like paper.

”Let share you some messsges i get from my man when I’m mad at him.

”You can never get angry with that man cos he will make you smile hard

The message sent to him by his lover reads: ”One’s philosophy isn’t best expressed in words; its is expressed in the choices one makes.

”To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it, flip it around and make a good correction off of the error, now thats called CORRECTION.

”If I told you you’re the STARS in my sky, believe me NOT, but if I said that your beauty is violent that it got me shivering @ NOW SMILE and say YEAH BABE I believe you.

”Tell me you love me back and that would stop me from Shivering Say it?

”This is how I tend to Prove how much our relationship might get stronger than Noah’s Ark.

”LOVE isn’t enough I know I just got you BLUSHING.

”Yeah thats my girl. man Sorry now forgive and FORGET.

”Lets build and Rebuild.”

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