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Court sentences woman to life imprisonment for drowning husband for benefit

A woman was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday.

This came after being accused of drowning her husband in 2019 for a hefty life insurance payment.

Her boyfriend and accomplice bagged 30 years imprisonment.

The Court has sentenced 31 year old Lee Eun-hae and her 30 year old extramarital boyfriend, Cho Hyun-soo, with a directive that both would put on an electric tracking device for 20 years after the service of the terms.

The two were reported for allegedly deceiving the woman’s then 39-year-old lover to jump into a river in Gapyeong, in June 2019, even when it was obvious he could not swim, and allowed him drown.

They were also accused of trying to take the life of the husband that year by poisoning his food in February and attempting to drown him at a river in May.

The Prosecutors had earlier requested that both be given life imprisonment on the ground that they were involved in the crimes for 800 million won (US$563,976) of death benefit which was meant to be paid to Lee upon the husband’s death.

The court declined the charges of prosecutors’ that they “gaslighted” the husband and triggered the river diving directly resulted in the death of the husband.

“Seeking the 800-million-won death benefit, they had attempted to murder the victim twice and failed, but they remained undeterred and ultimately completed the murder,” the court said.

“From the initial investigation stage, the accused only tried to cover up their crimes and have never had sincere remorse or repentance,” the court noted.

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