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ANALYSIS | And the coming of “7 star General” amid Ajia, Muktar power flex

The upcoming election in Ilorin West and Asa is no doubt a tussle between two political heavyweights, Ibrahim Ajia and Muktar Shagaya. The fact that both candidates are from different major political parties, with Ajia representing the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Shagaya representing the All Progressives Party (APC), only adds to the already intense political atmosphere.

Ajia’s strong grassroots political background and understanding of the local politics of the area have given him an edge over his opponent, Muktar Shagaya. However, Shagaya’s family name, which is synonymous with wealth, cannot be overlooked. He has been working twice as hard to gain the popularity that his elder brother, Sherriff Shagaya, enjoyed in the past.

The recent entry of Sherriff Shagaya, also known as the “Seven Star General,” into the political fray, has added a new dimension to the contest. Sherriff’s philanthropic gestures and people-oriented approach to politics had earned him massive respect and popularity among the people of the area in the past. His late entry into the campaign to support his brother has created a buzz, and the announcement of a billion naira for Ilorin West and Asa Local Government has raised the stakes even higher.

It is clear that the Shagaya family is leaving no stone unturned in their bid to win the election, and the entry of Sherriff has further boosted their chances. The PDP’s Ibrahim Ajia, on the other hand, continues to rely on his grassroots support and popularity in the area.

The coming days will be crucial, and the outcome of the election will not only determine who represents Ilorin West and Asa but also showcase the strengths of the political parties involved. The contest is not just a battle between two candidates, but a reflection of the power struggle between two major political parties in the country.



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