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2023: Gov Adeleke calls for peaceful elections in Osun

The Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, has told the people of the state to peacefully come out in large numbers to cast their votes for the candidates of their choice in tomorrow’s general elections.

In a statement signed by the Governor, he referred to the Saturday’s election as “a critical milestone in national democratic development of Nigeria in which all eligible citizens must actively participate to decide the future of the nation.”

“My good people of Osun State, the general election is here, and we have a patriotic duty to actively join the electioneering process. Your vote is your power and your ticket to securing good governance for yourselves and our future generation.

“Our government has declared today a public holiday. All eligible voters must take up their voting cards and get set for the historical elections tomorrow. The electoral authorities have provided an enabling environment for the conduct of free and fair elections. Security agencies have also mobilized to protect citizens as they exercise their constitutional rights,” the statement read in part.

While warning residents of the state against violence, he said he has directed security chiefs in the state to arrest thugs, or anyone capable of destabilizing the electoral process.

“Security agencies are under strict instruction to clamp down on hoodlums and agents of violence. I have equally instructed service commanders to arrest thugs wherever they may be. This election must be held under a peaceful atmosphere. Democracy is about choice, not killing and maiming,” he said.

He added that the people of the state need to keep the image of the state as a peaceful one during and after the election.

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