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The British government has revealed its plan to introduce an independent regulator in football.

According to a white paper published on Thursday by the government, the new independent football regulator will test the fitness of new owners, ensure clubs are run sustainably, resolve any issues around how money flows from the Premier League down the pyramid and blocked clubs from joining breakaway leagues.

The government confirmed that it will act on the paper which is a byproduct of recommendation from the 2021 fan-led review of football to create a regulator.

Speaking in the House of Commons, UK sports minister Stuart Andrew said  “We will give fans a greater say in the running of their clubs,” he says at the beginning of the speech.

“We are protecting the long-term success of our national game and putting fans at the heart of how the game is run.”

Despite the paper  being warmly received by the Football Supporters’ Association, the Chairman of Westham United, David Sullivan described the move as a ‘terrible idea’.

The 74-year-old Hammers Chief said: “A football regulator is a terrible idea. The government are terrible at running everything.

“The regulator will have a huge staff that football will have to pay for. It will be a total waste of money. I bet it grows in size and cost every year.

“The Premier League is the best run and most successful league in the world. It gives more to the lower leagues, the PFA [Professional Footballers’ Association] and grassroots than any other league in the world. It’s a fantastic export.

“The government is doing this for a PR win. They think it will be good PR to be seen backing the ordinary football fan and smaller clubs but I bet you it won’t get them a single extra vote. I believe in free enterprise, not government interference” he said.

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