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We’re ready to give PDP, APC red cards, support Kwankwaso – NNPP

The chieftains of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) have told Nigerian people to support the party’s presidential candidate, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, affirming that the country is in challenging condition.

The chieftains said the citizens need to come together to chase out the big political parties in 2023.

While addressing supporters of the party at the Northwest Presidential Campaign rally in Kaduna on Saturday, Kwankwaso said “our blueprint is the best for Nigeria. There is no time to enumerate everything because it is a 122 page document. But there are some critical areas, especially the area of education where we have decided that we will cancel payments for any form either for WAEC or NECO or JAMB or application to any institution in this country.”

He further revealed that, “the idea is to allow the sons and daughters of the poor to go to the highest level in education. The son of the poor under our government will reach his maximum potential in this country .

At the primary level we are going to build at least 500,000 classrooms for the out of school children who are today over 20 million.”

“Under our arrangement we will do whatever it takes to ensure that education is given a priority.Being poor should not stop your child to go to school. Let me also say that we are so happy with the people of this country. We have gone round the country to ensure that we see our people, to ensure that we take records of the dilapidated infrastructure to make sure we listen to our people to tell us which is important that our government should do when we are sworn in.”

“We will create job opportunities, we will stop this madness of taking drugs.

”Our young men and women today unfortunately are taking too much drugs and that got to stop. That is what we have done in Kano. We will create many reformatory centres across the country. Those who get themselves involved in drugs, we will take them there to the centres to ensure they come out as normal people. We will create job opportunities for them. Those who should go to school must go to school,” he said.

The National Chairman of NNPP, Professor Ahmed Rufai Alkali urged the people of the country to support the presidential candidate as he’s ready to take the country to the glorious height.

“We have a leader in Kwankwaso who is eminently qualified to drive Nigeria out of crisis, he will take Nigeria to it’s promised because he has what he takes to deliver the country,”he said.

Kwankwaso’s running mate, Bishop Isaac Idahosa said, “Nigeria at this critical times needs not just a president but a deliverer and Kwankwaso is the only one that can save the country from.myraid of challenges.Nigeria is in serious challenges and a new Nigeria is coming under the leadership of Senator Kwankwaso.”

He further said, “we will give both APC and PDP red cards, we will give red cards to insecurity, nepotism, dilapidation of infrastructure, we are coming to unite the country  and restore peace, so we need your support to elect Kwankwaso..”

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