Thousands of the US President Donald Trump’s supporters have gathered Washington, DC, to protest against the presidential election results as Congress gathers to decide about the Electoral College votes.

According to PRESS TV, Trump himself is also slated to make speech at the rally, dubbed as “Save America Rally,” on Wednesday morning..

City officials have warned Trump supporters not to bring guns to protests and enlisted hundreds of National Guard troops to help keep security and order.

DC police warned that carrying any sort of firearm is illegal, with acting police chief, Robert Contee, asking residents to warn authorities of anyone who might be armed. “There are people intent on coming to our city armed,” Contee said on Monday.

The police also arrested several people ahead of demonstrations, including Enrique Tarrio, leader of violent far-right group the Proud Boys, charged with firearms offence and destruction of property – related to a previous pro-Trump protest.

Tarrio was “in possession of two high capacity firearm magazines” at the time of arrest, a police statement said.

The protest comes as at least 140 Republicans in the US House of Representatives are expected to object to the Electoral College vote on Wednesday.

Trump refused to concede the November election to Biden, who defeated him in both popular and electoral votes by wide margins.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election was rigged and mounted multiple legal challenges to overturn the results.

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