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Poly Ibadan bans nursing mothers from carrying babies to classes, hostels

The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State has placed a ban on nursing mothers from carrying their babies to hostels and classrooms.

This was announced via a code of morality which was signed by its governing council.

The school authority has said that students hugging each other publicly on campus risk one semester suspension from the school.

The spokesperson of the institution, Adewole Soladoye, has confirmed the new development on the school’s morality code.

“The school is not a nursing home. Is it right to bring babies into lecture rooms? It is definitely a distraction,” Mr Soladoye said.

“They are free to have babies. But they should look for a childcare facility for their babies.”

The Governor Council of the school has said that only the students who are academically and morally upright will be qualified for the school’s certificates.

The tertiary institution has told the students to do away with all manners of misconducts, including indecent dressing.

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