APC chairmanship: Group holds ‘special prayer’ for Saliu Mustapha, Oyabambi hails Saliu Mustapha’s appointment as Turaki of Ilorin

[OpEd] Onilemarun’s senseless and unguarded opinion about Saliu Mustapha.

By AbdurRaheem Sa’ad Dembo

I never wanted to say anything even after I have read the article of Lara Ali, but was so disappointed to read another senseless attack on the personality of Turaki of Ilorin by one element Abdulkadir Onilemarun Abdulkareem, who felt he is the most educated person in Ilorin

He started by asking Who is this Saliu Mustapha?

The same narrative Lara Ali used. Some of us in Turaki’s camp knew Lara Ali was a fake identity. What is her interest in Kwara Central? We knew it was a sponsored demonic article to disparage Saliu Mustapha.

It is imperative to say that Onilemarun didn’t do enough thinking before coming up with that senseless vituperation. Saliu Mustapha does not believe in this kind of political enterprise, where you will want to discredit your opponent “by fire by force”.

He believes brotherhood comes first before politics.I don’t know the element called Abdulkadir Onilemarun Abdulkareem personally but his family name is known.Political season will go but family will remain

I want to urge him not to make himself available and accessible for political jobbers or as an instrument to disparage anyone.

More importantly, you equally mentioned that the basic qualification for senate is SSCE and that Turaki of ilorin has SSCE.

He also had his national diploma from Kaduna polytechnic according to you, Which suggest he is as qualified as any other candidate.

Your article has a semblance or to say the least ,it is an embodiment of hunger and anger, as it lacks substance and credibility.

After your vituperation you then pretended to be clever by half by advising him to further his education. Oh great…he is old enough to know what’s good for himself

You also alluded to the fact that since he got the ticket of his party you have not heard him speaking English or Yoruba What kind of a person are you?

It suggests to us that you have not even done enough background check on him since your admittance that he cannot speak English or Yoruba language sufficiently. It is obvious that you don’t know the person you have been paid to condemn

Onilemarun, this silly enterprise you are dabbling into won’t put enough food on your table

Yes he may not be as educated as you want him to be but he has empathy and face of humanity .His Foundation has been helping and assisting widows, women and the vulnerable in the last one decade.

Education is good but it is not everything a politician requires to do well.One can be educated enough, yet he cannot run an inch to touch other people’s lives positively

Turaki of Ilorin has all it takes to go to the Senate and represent us well.

The attack of Onilemarun’s was not unexpected, because they have seen that Saliu Mustapha is at the vantage point to win the election.

Saliu Mustapha philanthropic activities are no doubt intimidating hence they are running “Katakata kitikiti” to discredit him

Saliu Mustapha said recently that he would use legislation to fight poverty. We believe he will do with absolute commitment and the will of kwara central people, because that has been his area of interest.

Take this as a blank cheque….he has been accepted by majority of the people in Ilorin Emirate.

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