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As part of the preparation for the new administration, Barr. Peter Mbah, the Enugu State Governor-elect, on Friday, declared his assets before the Code of Conduct Bureau, saying his administration will be guided by the rule of law.

Mbah, who will be inaugurated on Monday, May 29, went to the South-East Zonal Office of the CCB in Enugu to submit his assets declaration forms, stating that the process was crucial in fostering transparency and accountability in governance.

The Enugu governor-elect, while addressing the journalists after submitting his forms to the Federal Commissioner in charge of the South-East Zone of the CCB, stated that as the Chief Executive, he was responsible for upholding the law. It was also his duty to act lawfully and submitting the forms was in line with the new direction of his career.

“As you also know, I am now migrating from the corporate environment to the public sector; and in the private sector, we have Codes of Corporate Governance and here in the public sector, we also have the Code of Conduct for the public servants.

“What we have simply done today is to comply with the requirements of the law by filling the forms as stipulated by law.

“The process is quite seamless and we have populated the forms, and we have also, in the presence of a Notary Public, executed the law as required,” he said.

Mbah also mentioned that all those to be appointed to his administration would have to go through the same process, adding that as public servants, they had no option but to abide by the provisions of the law.

In his remarks, Barrister Umeano, the CCB Federal Commissioner, commended Mbah for setting an example by submitting his forms, while noting that by Monday, Mbah would be the chief law officer of the state and that his submission demonstrated that he would lead by example.

“He has given a good example to the rest of the other politicians and even those who are going to be his functionaries that they have to comply with the rule of law. We commend him for this,” he said.

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