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Kwara police cautions politicians, others against hate speech

The Kwara State Police Command has cautioned the  cautioned politicians, contestants, media aides and canvassers, against obscene, inciting statements and hate speeches during political rallies.

Political parties in Kwara State on Wednesday signed a peace accord to ensure issue-based campaigns for next year’s elections in the state.

The state Police Commissioner, Paul Odama, at the signing of the accord in Ilorin, warned politicians, contestants, media aides and canvassers against obscene and hate speeches.

He explained that the peace accord was aimed at bestowing on society an acceptable, free, fair and credible electoral process.

“As we are aware, the election comes every four years, losers of this year could be winners of next year, as such, we should be conscious of our actions either to preserve the unity and oneness of the country or to tear the country into pieces, God forbid.

“That is why, this gathering becomes very imperative, to further prick our individual consciences on the conviction of bequeathing to our children a sustainable political system that would stand the test of time in line with our culture and diversity.”

The Police Commissioner appealed to political actors, fellow sister security agencies, the INEC and all election stakeholders to ensure that Kwara State is placed first above all other considerations.

He also appealed to politicians and contestants in the coming elections, especially, their media aides and vote canvassers to shun inciting statements, personal attacks, spreading of fake news and be committed to issue-based campaigns and avoid hate speeches during political rallies.

“On our parts as security agencies, we are fully prepared to discharge our constitutionally bestowed duty of providing a level playing ground for all political parties in line with the provision of the electoral laws,” he added.

“We are here to sign a peace accord, to show our commitment to politicking without venom, where things are done in accordance with extant laws which would send a signal to our teeming followers that we meant what we say in the area of ensuring that campaigns are done with decency and civilization.

“Hence we will have to put pen to paper as a form of commitment to Nigerians at large and Kwara State in particular that we are prepared to run a seamless and rancour-free campaigns devoid of acrimony, anger and violence.”

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