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Kwara LP debunk expulsion of Guber’ candidate, sack Chairman, Excos

The Kwara State chapter of Labour Party (LP) chairmen have debunked the media concoction of expulsion of the state gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Basambo Abubakar, and all parry stakeholders that were present at the earlier press conference held in Ilorin, the State capital.

This was contained in a statement released by Comrade Mohammed Baba, the Chairman of all LG chairmen of the Labour Party in Kwara State doubled as LG Chairman of Labour Party in Baruten Local Government

The statement reads in part: “This press release is conveyed to intimate all Nigerians especially lovers and faithful supporters of our party and our national principal, His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi, on recent mischievous developments being engineered by unscrupulous characters parading themselves as state chairman and excos of party chapter in kwara state.

“First, as party faithful, loyalists and strong stakeholders of Labour Party in Kwara State, we wish to categorically and unequivocally debunk the media concoction of expulsion of our state gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Basambo Abubakar, and all parry stakeholders that were present at his earlier press conference, where he in conjunction with us indicated our party alliance with the gubernatorial candidate of PDP toward forming a unity government with LP in Kwara.

“Therefore, we wish to implore the general public to kindly ignore the orchestrated media concoction and treat same as a juvenile fantasy of an unserious, unscrupulous and selfish characters parading themselves as our state chairman and secretary.

The statement continued: “While our party constitution emphatically does not, by any stretch, give either the state party chairman and/or secretary any authority to unilaterally expel members, it is strange that these unscrupulous individuals are turning themselves to mini dictators and demigods by attempting to go above their pay grade to concoct media expulsion of our very guber candidate and other stakeholders of our party.

“However, what is undisguised in their evil scheme is the untoward agenda of selling short our party to an unconscientious government, whose mission and vision are anti-people, repressive, lackluster and hegemonic in Kwara State.

Therefore, it is in view of this unfortunate development that all LGA chairmen of Labour Party in Kwara State hereby unanimously state as follows:

1. That from today, 14th March, 2023, we, as stakeholders of Labour Party, cease to recognize any persons parading themselves as state executive member of the Labour Party in Kwara State. Thus, any persons parading themselves as such are nothing but mere rogues with the evil agenda of mortgaging the identity, structure and electoral fortune of our party to an incumbent but parasitic APC government in Kwara State especially when our national principal HE Peter Obi and our national executive are busy trying to retrieving our stolen presidential mandate from this same party.

2. That the state exco of Labour Party therefore stands dissolved particularly for outright contempt and insubordination against our gubernatorial candidate.

3. That for conspiring to sell short the Labour Party by agreeing to corner mere two positions of SPECIAL ASSISTANTS from the incumbent APC administration while sabotaging the larger interest of our party as against an inclusive alliance in a broader unity government with Peoples Democratic Party that is canvassed by our gubernatorial candidate, we believe that the so-called state chairman, his secretary and other shortsighted members should honorably resign their positions or stand expelled.

4. That we are authoritatively stating that the broader alliance for a unity government with PDP as canvassed by our gubernatorial candidate has the knowledge and approval of our national principal, His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi. Therefore, the attempt of the state chairman and his excos to sell our party to the incumbent APC is but a blatant sabotage of the authority of our national principal and an outright disloyalty to our party. For this reason, the state chairman and his excos are flagrantly against the genuine interest of Labour Party and thus not representing our party henceforth.

Lastly, we wish to state clearly that since the state chairman and his exco do not represent the genuine interest of our party and we do not have confidence in his authority, all subsequent actions by him and his cohorts stand impeached and of no effect whatsoever.”

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