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Kwara education commissioner monitors common entrance examination to uphold integrity, standards

In a bid to uphold the integrity and smooth conduct of the National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE), Kwara State’s Education Commissioner, Sa’adatu Kawu Modibbo, made an unannounced visit to several examination centers in Ilorin.

Her inspection included Government Day Secondary School in Tanke, Baboko Community Secondary School, and Ilorin Grammar School.

Commissioner Modibbo, during the visit stated that her primary focus was to oversee the exam procedures and ensure compliance with established standards.

She interacted with exam officials to verify that the examination was being conducted fairly and efficiently.

She added that her unannounced presence aimed to deter any potential malpractices and reinforce the importance of a credible examination process.

While interacting with students, the commissioner briefly discussed the significance of the NCEE for their academic future, emphasizing the importance of integrity and hard work.

She added that her visit served as a reminder of the state’s commitment to maintaining high educational standards and providing a fair platform for all students.

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