Collage Maker 15 Feb 2023 11.07 AM

The Supreme Court of Nigeria on Wednesday held a sitting on the issue of the naira swap policy put forward by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The Governors of Kogi State and Kaduna State, Yahaya Bello and Nasir El-Rufai appeared in court today.

The matter was adjourned to Wednesday, February 22, 2023 for hearing of the consolidated funds by 10 states.

The Kogi State Governor said he and his Kaduna counterpart were at the court to ensure justice was achieved for the people of the country.

“We are in court because Nigerians are suffering as a result of this CBN muddled-up cashless versus currency redesign policy, that is why we are here today,” the governor asserted.

Governor Bello said today’s court proceedings revealed that the verdict of the supreme court on the apex bank still remains the status quo till February 22, 2023.

He said there’s a court injunction on the apex bank which temporarily places ban on the bank from stopping the old notes from being legal tender in the country.

The Governor implored members of the public to maintain law, peace and order in the country and allow justice to prevail.

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