FRSC reveals those behind Lagos container tragedy

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has reacted the rate at which container-laden truck crushed vehicles in Lagos State.

He revealed what triggered accident which took the lives of 9 persons in Ojuelegba, Lagos State, following the collapse of a container-laden truck.

The Commander of the FRSC Sector of the Sector Commander, Lagos State, Segun Ogungbemide, made this revelation while granting a television interview on Saturday.

“In the incident at Ojuelegba, the preliminary investigation we had was outright that it was human error because a Camry was trying to overtake that truck and in the course of trying to manoeuver, he lost control, fell, and unfortunately this other bus was there by the side,” he said.

“It has to be an all-encompassing approach. What is the role of the driver that is driving the truck? What is the psychological stability of that same driver that is behind that steering? What is the status of the road?

“When you look at the roads where these crashes occur, unlike our impression in the past, the roads are smooth. There are no potholes.”

He said an average citizen of the state has a role to play to ensure that lives of his or her fellow citizen is not unjustly taken.

“This is what the Federal Road Safety Corps has battled since I came on board. I came in 2020 and I recall there was a particular week – a special patrol – where we had to arrest close to 800 vehicles along Lagos-Ibadan corridor, that is, covering about three states, all in the name of mopping up these terrible offenders. Since then, it has sent a lot of signals to them,” he said.

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