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Fact-check: Photo showing private part of Australian female footballer doctored

There has been an increased in the growing trend of photo manipulation. While some of the manipulations have different intents, many of it are driven by hatred, bigotry and humourous factors.

The Informant247 fact check team recently discovered a football action photo of two female footballers showing the private part of one of them.

Private part covered to protect players’ dignity.

This picture, because of its tendency of sexual colouration has been shared widely across social media, especially the WhatsApp platform.

We have decided to fact-check it in order to protect, not just the integrity of the football game but also the dignity of the player in question 


Using the reveal image verification assistant and google reverse image, we realized that the picture which shows the private part of the female footballer was doctored.

We discovered that the original photo first emerged in 2020 during the during the women’s football match G match between Australia and New Zealand at Tokyo 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

Original picture.

The player on yellow jersey is
Ellie Carpenter of Autralia while the one on black jersey is Katie Bowen of New Zealand. Australia won the match 2-1 in the opening fixtures of the female football category of the Olympics.

In the game, the pant of Ellie had slipped as she vied for the ball physically with Bowen.

We also discovered another doctored version of the picture which shows the breast of the player in question.


The photo showing the private part of the Australian female footballer was doctored.

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