Ex-NAKSS president, Jaji, offsets school fees of 30 pupils, awards scholarships

The parents of no fewer than 30 indigent primary school students heaved a sigh of relief as their wards’ school fees were cleared by the immediate past president of National Association of Kwara State Students (NAKSS), Comr. Adisa-Jaji Azeez, a gesture he said would be regular and spread across the state.

The ex-student leader, who also awarded a year scholarship to four more pupils from Ih-Iwanu L.G.E.A School and Shuban L.G.E.A School, hinted that his action followed an analytical collection of data which looked into possible issues facing Kwara indigenous pupils and solutions that could be adopted.

School bags were also distributed to ten students, making the beneficiaries 60 altogether, Jaji said.

Jaji, speaking on what prompted his action, stated: “As I have always said, if there has been a moment in the time and space of the universe when I am blessed with the opportunity to provide strength for the people, it shall be the strength to learn and acquire quality education, it’s not that I don’t find interest in other things too, but I believe quality education is the foundation particularly at the primary levels. So I can say I was inspired by that drive to strengthen the educational background of our wards and most importantly to give back to my community in my little way.”

He furthered, “I believe if young people can come together and do more of community service like this, it will vastly affect the development of the community, in the education sector or any other sector that affect the lives of the communal. So, I am looking forward to doing more of this in my little capacity, there are even some of the pupils I promised on the day I visited there school to come back and do more. The development of our communities should be our collective responsibility.”

On the state of education sector in the state, the former NAKSS President said, “Talking about the educational sector in the state, we are still far behind, but I believe if we all come together, collectively we can make Kwara great. We shouldn’t leave it to the government alone. Though the government is expected to be playing it role, but we have to contribute our quota too.”

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