Train Attack: kidnapped pregnant passenger gives birth in captivity The Informant247

One of the five Abuja-Kaduna train passengers, Sidi Aminu Sharif, set free from kidnappers’ den on Tuesday evening, said a bullet shot into his body while in captivity, is yet to be removed.

The Informant247 reports that the victims of the train attack are being set free in batches, as the latest five regain their freedom on Tuesday, August 2,2022.

While addressing newsmen at the office of Mamu, Publisher, Desert Herald, one of the victims whose freedom has been secured, Sidi Aminu Sharif said the bullet fired into his body by one of the terrorists is still in his body.

Bullet was reportedly fired into the victim’s body while in captivity, raising concern about the victim’s state of health and the safety of other kidnapped.

He confessed that efforts to remove the bullets have not been successful, adding that now that he had been freed, he would get proper medical care.

“I am one of the passengers of the train that was attacked in Kaduna on its way from Abuja. I could remember how it happened when the train was conveying us to Kaduna. As we were sitting on the train, I could remember I was praying when we heard a loud sound… I was shot on my stomach in captivity. A doctor tried to remove it, but he could not. He used my clothes to manage the blood which flowed to my knees.

“He used gloves and searched my stomach to pull out the bullet but couldn’t find it. He later used scissors but still couldn’t find any bullet in my stomach. Up till now, we didn’t see the bullet. I don’t know if it’s still in my stomach, I hope now that we are free, I can go to the hospital for x-ray if the bullet can be found,” he said.

It is unclear whether ransom was paid or not before the release of the victims, as at the time of filing this report, as they kept silence over the issue.

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