mohbad and naira marley

‘Parlor Dog’: Bella Shmurda calls out Naira Marley over Mohbad on social media

The Marlian singer, Mohbad, yesterday shared very depressing footage of his damaged body, which he said was the result of an attack he had had at the hands of the Marlian team after he had requested different management, who also happened to be a Marlian family member.

mohbad and naira marley
Naira Marley and Mohbad

The label’s owner, Naira Marley, responded to these accusations by holding a live Instagram session where he clarified what truly happened with Mohbad.

Naira asserts that Mohbad used an unidentified drug that is known to make him aggressive before arriving at the Marley home while very “high.”

In response to these concerns, Bella Shmurda entered the conversation and claimed that the record label had made the condition of singer Mohbad worse. He contends that a label should support an artist’s development rather than serve that function.

The vocalist also said that Mohbad was doing well without being signed by a record label.

In his tweet: “A label is suppose to be your family not your enemy… The world is watching, that boy was doing very fine without u damn!!!”

In another tweet that the artiste later deleted, he wrote:

“Nigga lost all the respect. Looking so unsettled. Label boss capping like capri-sun. Is it possible for him to be high each time his bullied and tries to speak up. Huh? Soro spoke werey parlor dog”

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