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The presidency has revealed that the people of Nigeria would yearn for President Muhammadu Buhari when he leaves office, May 29.

The presidency was confident that like the immediate past president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the people of the country would be longing to have Buhari around again, when he leaves power.

This was revealed by the presidential media aide, Mallam Shehu Garba while granting a television interview.

Shehu raised eyebrows over the rate of criticism directed at the president, affirming that leaders are not admired when they’re in power.

He made reference to the former president, Jonathan whom he said was heavily criticised by many Nigerians have become their favorite now, and that the same would happen to Buhari.

Shehu said the cashless policy was desirable and therefore cannot be reversed.

Shehu said, “cashless is the way forward for Nigeria because cashless nations and in fact, all advanced nations of the world have gone cashless”.

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