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You never paid your son’s school fees for 7 years — Tonto Dikeh describes Churchill as ‘deadbeat father’

The popular Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has revealed how her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill, has been neglecting their child, affirming that for some years, he has not been supporting her to take care of their child.

This came after the estranged husband took to social media to felicitate with their son, King Andre on his 7th year birthday anniversary and revealed he was eager to see the boy.

While reacting to the emotional message posted on social media by Churchill, the popular actress described him as a ‘deadbeat father’ who has not been performing his responsibility as a father.

She said her estranged husband and members of his family have always only said they won the child custody case in court but they have not been doing anything to support the living of the child.

She added that her estranged husband had not paid school fees of their child since they were no more together.

She said she divorced him because of domestic violence, cheating and because he’s not performing his responsibility as a father.

She wrote: “Being a father has less to do with your spe*m and more to do with your HEART… For the past years, you have done it all to hurt my child, From spiritually to physically.

“You and your family have claimed severally that you won a COURT case on child custody but you decided to leave the child for me.

“Let me ask you and those clueless lots a question, who goes to court, wins a custody battle, and decided to forget about the child??? Make it Make sense??? How intelligent do you sound?

“For 7 years, you have only paid 4 months CS fee, no/zero school fees, and have never done a visitation or attempt to…

“Yet you self-pity telling people you don’t have access to my child? After much BEGGING and pleading, I let you come around for his 1st birthday with you contributing NOT EVEN A PIN OR GIVING HIM A PRESENT. Yet you ran to social media to post pictures as though you lifted a finger, even told people you sponsored the party.

“I left you 7 years ago due to domestic violence, prolific cheating, and having no family value as a man, but still you manage to hustle my contact to send a condolence for my mom ( A woman who hated the ground you walk and saw through all the numerous lies) but you can’t use the same energy to check on your spe*m we created for 7 LONG years??? But you can come to the gram to celebrate him?”

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