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Wife persuades court to stop husband from instigating children against her

Mrs Amina Cholla, a public servant, on Friday persuaded a Customary Court in Nyanya, Abuja, to stop her husband, Yang, from instigating the children against her.

The respondent who lives in Nasarawa, appealed to the court while making a defence for herself in a divorce petition initiated by her husband.

“My husband has been poisoning the children’s mind to destroy me, Whenever they are with me and see their father approaching they  keep their distance as if I’m a stranger and when they see me the following day, they won’t even greet me.

”I pray this honorable court to order my Husband to stop instigating the children against me. They are all I have now,” she said.

The respondent also persuaded the court to direct her husband not to send her away from the house till she will be able to rent another apartment by the end of the year, November to be precise.

The husband, who made himself available in court said he has not poisoned the minds of the children against his wife.

”I only the children that they will not inherit anything from their mother since we are already separated,” he said.

Doocivir Yawe, who presided over the case,
has sent message of advice to the couple not to bring the children into the misunderstanding between the duo.

Yawe directed Yang not to send his wife from the house until November 30.

He has adjourned the case until November 8, for judgment.

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