Train Attack: kidnapped pregnant passenger gives birth in captivity The Informant247

A top commander of bandits who kidnapped passengers from the Kaduna-Abuja train on the 28th of March, 2022, is set to marry one of the victims, Azurfa Lois John, 21.

The Publisher of Desert Herald, who is also in charge of negotiation for the victims held hostage, Tukur Mamu, revealed this via a statement he made public on Friday.

He has alerted the federal government and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)) to take immediate action to enable the freedom of the youngest victim of the train attack as was done in the case of Leah Sharibu.

According to the publisher, “This is to alert the federal government and especially the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) that I can confirm through credible information at my disposal that if urgent action is not taken to immediately secure the release of the youngest victim of the train attack, a 21-year-old Azurfa Lois John, the abductors as they have done in the case of Leah Sharibu are planning to marry her any moment from now.”

He added, “One of the top commanders is said to be in love with her.”

He warned that the information be treated with immediate effect it deserves affirming that the development will displease the victim, her immediate family, loved ones and the entire country.

“It is necessary to do so to avoid the repeat of Leah Sharibu’s case,” he warned.

The negotiator has told CAN, in particular, not to treat the issue as a political matter or reduce it to mere press releases as has seen in the past but to work closely with relevant authorities to engage the kidnappers on her case as soon as possible before it is late.

“I pray that in view of the uncertainties which is becoming alarming, the federal government will also act very fast to ensure the release of all the remaining victims,” he advised.

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