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Coalition Of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL) a Foremost Socio-Political Youth Organization in the South East Geo-Political Zone led by Comrade Goodluck Ibem has said the suspension of Godwin Emefiele amount impunity and lacks constitutional authority on Emefiele.

The group in a statement said it was alarmed by the unilateral suspension of Emefiele by President Tinubu without following the constitutional process or the CBN act.

The group also demanded the immediate release and re-instatement of Emefiele.

The statement said, “The CBN is a creation of the law and not a body created by one man which President Bola Tinubu is trying to make us believe.

The body said that his suspension was unlawful, illegal and of no effect in the spirit of the CBN act.

It added: “We are aware that the main reason why Tinubu is after Emefiele is because of the introduction of the redesigning policy of the naira which made Tinubu and party the APC to lose Lagos State to the Labour Party, LP, during the Presidential elections and he is on a personal vendetta mission against Emefiele for destroying his political grip on Lagos State which is his stronghold.

“Since 1999, Tinubu has never lost elections in Lagos State but he lost elections on 19th February, 2023 which is why he is very angry with Emefiele because he believes, the naira redesign policy introduced by him made it possible for him to lose Lagos State in the elections”.

“The second reason President Tinubu is after Emefiele is because he is an Igboman and President Bola Tinubu hates Igbos with passion which was manifested when innocent Igbos were killed, maimed and attacked in Lagos during the general elections in Lagos State”.

COSYEL said that the suspension of the Emefiele was to allow Tinubu implant his kinsman so that he can have easy access to the nation’s treasury which is totally unlawful and unconstitutional.

It argued that CBN Governors have a number of years of service as stipulated by the CBN act and anything to the contrary is totally unacceptable.

The body called on the National Assembly to stand up and live up to her responsibilities of checkmating the excesses of the executive.

“The tradition of attacking Igbo sons and daughters at any slightest opportunity is totally unacceptable and we say this must stop”, it added

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