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Police alarm: SUV owner resurfaces, says he abandoned the car after being attacked by traffic robbers

The owner of the Mercedes Benz SUV found by the police under Otedola bridge has recovered his car.

This is confirmed by the Rapid Response Squad arm of the Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday evening in a Twitter post, attaching pictures of the owner receiving the car key and driving away.

The owner revealed that he abandoned his car because he was attacked by traffic robbers at the location on Monday night after he stopped to check his tyre since he noticed it was shaking.

The Informant247 earlier reported that the police had raised an alarm that it had recovered an abandoned car under Otedola bridge on Monday night, adding that the engine of the vehicle was running, with the driver’s door open and valuables left inside the car.

Meanwhile following the announcement by the police, the owner was able to trace his car to the RRS headquarters in Alausa.

The statement by the police read, “The owner of the recovered SUV, 4Matic GL 450 with the registration number KUJ 384 LY under Otedola Bridge yesterday showed up two hours ago.

“He said he abandoned the vehicle when he was attacked by traffic robbers after a stop to check his shaking rear tyre.

“All confirmations done and vehicle along with valuables have been handed over to him while CSP Olayinka Egbeyemi has directed RRS Decoy Team to arrest those involved in the attack.”,

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