The chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) have been asked to resigned by the Peoples Democratic Party and Labour Party over irregularities in the presidential election.

Both parties made the call at a joint press conference by their vice presidential candidates in Abuja on Tuesday, while also demanding the cancellation of the presidential election results announced by INEC in Abuja.

Meanwhile, in a swift response, INEC dismissed the calls, saying Mr Yakubu would not resign and that aggrieved persons should channel their grievances according to the electoral laws.

The Informant247 earlier reported that agents of both PDP and LP had walked out of the national collation centre in Abuja on Monday when the INEC chairman insisted the process would continue even though the commission has yet to upload the results of all polling units on the INEC online portal, IReV.

However, at a joint press conference on Tuesday, the PDP and LP called on the electoral commission to suspend the ongoing collation of results and cancel the elections, while accusing the commission of compromise and asked Mr Yakubu to step down from his position as the chief of the electoral umpire for another person to conduct the elections.

But in short statement released, Mr Oyekanmi said that there are procedures for addressing grievances and that asking the chairman to step down is not one of them, adding that the call for the INEC Chairman’s resignation was misplaced.

“At the same time, contrary to the insinuation by both parties, results emanating from the states point to a free, fair and credible process,” he said.

He said: “There are laid down procedures for aggrieved parties or candidates to follow when they are dissatisfied about the outcome of an election. Such procedures do not include calling on the INEC Chairman to resign or for the election to be cancelled.

“To be sure, aggrieved parties are free to approach the courts to ventilate their concerns and wait for the matter to be resolved. Making inciting comments capable of causing violence or unrest is unacceptable.

“The 2023 General Election processes are in their final stages of completion. It is only fair for aggrieved parties to allow the conclusion of the process and approach the courts with their evidence to pursue their cases.”

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