APC chairmanship: Group holds ‘special prayer’ for Saliu Mustapha, Oyabambi hails Saliu Mustapha’s appointment as Turaki of Ilorin

[OpEd] Governance Defy Oratory Prowess: The Salihu Mustapha Scenario

By Adedayo Osho

I read an opinion piece written by one Fatai Atofarati with great disappointment for the writer to wittingly relegate critical thinking, allowing his emotion and whatever affiliation he has with Nigeria’s Umbrella Party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), to override his head.

Therein the article, referring to one of Kwara State’ three statutorily designated (Central, North, South) Senatorial Districts, Fatai blindly argued that “The Central diluted the meaning of ‘governance’ the day it was placed in the same sentence with ‘philanthropy’ (sic).”

What is the leitmotif of instituting any government if not advancement of the governed (people) well-being? Representation, to legislators in developed democracies, lies in bettering the lives of one’s constituents. Such detach itself from speaking incomprehensible grammars on legislative floors, in similar manner an Edo State voting demographic denied one of their own a return to the Federal House of Representatives, circa 2015.

One of the beauties of democracy, as espoused by its early champions, which in turn endeared wide number of political systems across the globe to adopt the governance model, is that it offers ranging choice in the (s)election of leaders and leadership. From an array of aspirants presented before Kwara Central in 2023, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was copiously singled out in that piece as the greatest threat against the candidacy of PDP’s Bolaji Abdullahi – the Umbrellas fear does not exist in vacuum.

Their fear is palpable, understandable, particularly because Mallam Salihu Mustapha (MSM) who is riding on the tick sticks of his Broom Party, had, and is currently carrying out philanthropic gestures never experienced in the Senatorial District. The tension of his rivals is the numerous groups throwing their support behind the Turaki of Ilorin title-holder, owing to his track record of giving back from his God given resources to all and sundry in Kwara.

Away from the glaring fact that government exists to improve the welfare of the citizenry, social benefit initiatives implemented by influential individuals in a given society deserves accolades – in part because ‘giving’ and the act and art of ‘charity’ is not a quality expressed by everyone whom Providence smiled on.

Worryingly before drafting the piece, Atofarati forgot that in anyway or another, the corn roaster on the streets of Oniyangi needed to be empowered, say, get an extensive umbrella in the event of downpour or scorching sun; the carpenter in one of the trenches of Afon need funds, however paltry, to acquire more tools; a recent graduate in downtown Oke-Oyi earnestly look forward to that seed grant to start-up his small scale business plan.

Fatai Atofarati and his co-travellers should be reminded that available evidence reveals many with lesser academic qualifications have outperformed several of their colleagues who possessed higher degrees in Nigerian legislative history.

His reference of Kwara Central presenting those who “cannot couple a B.Sc result” exposes his sheer shallowness of thoughts – a sense of reasoning losing touch with the reality of the time. Lagos West Senator Olamilekan Adéọlá popularly addressed as “Yayi” vying for Ogun State’ Gubernatorial seat in the same, forthcoming 2023 general election possess a minimum of HND from Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State and currently recording unmatched investment in social capital in Lagos constituencies delivery of democratic goals since 1999. It is a lie from the pit of hell that being a professor ensures quality representation. Surrounding oneself with competent aides, added with the political-will by any politician to transform the people’s living standard is in itself true representation.

I have researched extensively, publish widely on national affairs and participated in events bothering on party politics, nowhere have I learned displaying oratory prowess or brilliant writing skills are preconditions to birth social emancipation of a people yearning for progress.

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