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By Abolore Muhammed

The election season in Kwara south is rapidly coming, and several gladiators are preparing to feast on the people’s votes. These gladiators seem like wolves in sheep’s clothing with their starched agbada and well-edited photographs. They go about with a vision for the people that give life to their purpose to serve. The cycle is enjoyable for these gladiators since all they have to do is sell their falsehoods to the friendly people of Kwara South and appear to have answers to our longings. The feasibility of these so-called messiahs begins to show as the campaign progresses. As a young person from Kwara south, you are constantly exposed to the never-ending hollow promises of these so-called messiahs through social media. They thrive on the constant influx of new followers who have little to contribute other than flattery.

Despite the mind-boggling powers and responsibilities that come with the post, most people prefer to overlook the legislative branch of government. Kwara southerners must step up their efforts to scrutinize parliamentary candidates’ visions and track records. This will assist in distinguishing the actual messiahs from the gladiators who want to improve the lives of citizens.

Sponsoring an election is a capital-intensive activity that is only open to candidates who have a steady source of revenue. Political aspirants experience the expense of their goals, from mobilization for campaigns to buying campaign supplies and the cost of mobility across Kwara south. This is one of the main reasons why the top contenders in most competitions are people who may be considered affluent in the word’s true meaning. As a result, we must agree that money is the first criterion for who can run for parliamentary offices in Kwara south. When we discuss money, we must also verify the source of wealth of those we support to establish accountability in office.

When elected, several hopefuls anticipate using Kwara south’s riches to fund the expense of campaigning and elections. The current state of affairs in Kwara south is partly due to a pattern of neglecting many applicants’ sources of income and focusing instead on how much of this money we can maintain for ourselves. We have hopefuls and so-called messiahs with unconfirmed and reported ill-gotten gains in the present Kwara south political election.

Unfortunately, some of these aspirants pose as teenagers to seize power from current leaders. In 2023, Kwara southerners should be cautious and support contenders with firm profiles and a good track record.

Based on personal observations and study of all aspirants for the House of Representatives across all political parties in Kwara. I have read Dr. Toba Oloyede’s manifesto/blueprint. I have followed his media pages. I have asked people around about him and I make bold to conclude that ONLY Dr. Toba Oloyede stands out as a natural son of the land with a noble upbringing. He is currently running a refined and matured campaign of politics with value. He has a verifiable source of income and has continued to showcase decency. Reasons why I am not surprised to see young and old people from not just APC but PDP and even YPP Kwara giving him their unflinching support. I see traits of him being a Kwara South unifier.

We need a verified candidate with a credible blueprint to improve Kwara south, not simply somebody with inherited or unknown money.

The various human development projects and ideas DTO has for Kwara South testify to his effect on his local area and those around him. If you’re curious, you may look into what he’s doing and how he got to this point by studying what he’s doing. From being a computer science graduate to becoming a medical practitioner in the United States, he has amassed a substantial fortune in legal ways.

DTO is the most sellable contender for the APC’s Ekiti/Irepodun/Isin/Oke Ero Federal House of Representatives ticket because of his high integrity, sense of duty, dependability, and compassion. Are you willing to take the first step for a better Kwara south by supporting DTO?

Based on his thorough knowledge of Kwara south and our urgent requirements, DTO’s blueprint will undoubtedly win your heart.

As a Kwara Southerner, I am bold to say that DTO typifies all that I dream of in a Nigerian politician. I dare you to make your findings and prove me wrong!

Muhammed writes from Ọ̀rọ̀ in Irepodun local government of Kwara

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Informant247’s editorial stance.

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