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Abdulwasiu Adeyi, Esq. MCIArb, a member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ilorin Branch, has voiced concerns against the exploitative charges imposed by the Kwara State Government on land searches and certified true copies (CTC) of documents.

Adeyi, a legal practitioner, expressed his disappointment with the current state of governance in Kwara State and called on the government to be accountable to its citizens.

In a statement, Adeyi criticized the lack of progress and the apparent continuation of past practices under the current administration, despite the hopes for positive change following the end of the previous government’s reign.

Adeyi highlighted the government’s insensitivity towards the welfare and economic conditions of the citizens, citing specific examples from his professional experience.

Adeyi noted that prior to the current government, the official rate for conducting a land search at the Kwara State Bureau of Land was 10,000 Naira, which was already a cause for concern among professionals. He compared this with the official rate of 5,000 Naira for a land search in Lagos State, emphasizing the disparity given the value of properties in both regions.

The statement read, “Usually, before the present government came into power, the official rate for conducting a search at the Kwara State Bureau of Land (now relabelled @KWA-GIS after merging the Office of the Surveyor General, Town Planning Authority, and another agency into the Bureau of Land) was N10,000, which we were already complaining about. We expressed our concerns because in Lagos State, the official rate for a land search was and still is N5,000, considering the higher value of properties in Lagos compared to Kwara State.

“In a ruthless, callous, and insensitive manner, this government unilaterally increased the cost of a land search to N25,000 without consulting the necessary stakeholders. This is concerning for a state known for its civil service. Furthermore, the cost of obtaining certified true copies of documents has also skyrocketed to N25,000 instead of the previous N1,000 per page charged by the previous government. In contrast, in Lagos State, the cost of a certified true copy of a title document is slightly above N5,000.”

Adeyi expressed frustration with the lack of public discourse and the silence from the elites and citizens regarding these exploitative charges.

While acknowledging the need for government reviews, Adeyi stressed the importance of considering relevant variables and facts in making such decisions.

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