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Frank Lampard has admitted the fact that Chelsea is deeply in a tough moment in their history.

Lampard, who has lost all five of his games in charge since returning to the club earlier this month for a second spell as manager, insisted he still loves being at Chelsea despite the challenges at hand.

Speaking ahead of the game against London rivals Arsenal on Tuesday, he revealed that he   still relished coming into work at the bridge despite the circumstances.

“Absolutely. My eyes were open when I came into this job.I’m too experienced in football as a player and now as a coach to understand that things don’t necessarily change over night in terms of results and we’ve seen that.

“Our job is to work on performances and mentality of the group in training to try and bring back a good feeling. That only comes with hard work.

“I enjoy that challenge and I was very aware of it coming in. I’m very proud to manage the club. I love being here and I enjoy doing my job.

“The reality in football is your career will not always be full of success. People will always remember the success, but part of the job is the tougher moments, whether you’re a manager or a player.

“You can’t always control the results, but you can control how you work every day, so I enjoy that aspect of it.”

Chelsea also crashed out of the  Champions after a 4-0 aggregate defeat to Real Madrid.

Lampard acknowledged his successes as a player in the club and described the current challenges as part of the dynamics of the game and life.

“We’re not in a great moment are we?” Lampard said. “But I’ve been able to live this now for a few weeks. I also lived maybe 10 years of incredible success here and saw it continue, and was part of it again, and saw it continue.

“It can be pretty normal, if you look at the history of all of the top clubs in the league, [there are] moments of tough periods.

“Our opponents [on Tuesday] are good example of that. They want to be challenging for Premier Leagues and they are again now and it’s been a while for them.

“I think we have to put perspective on it and understand that we’ve got to work on all aspects of the club to get back the feeling and position of where we want to be.

“It’s not a given in this league and there’s a lot of work to do.”

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