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I’m set to sign death warrant of convicts – Bauchi Gov, Bala Mohammed

The Governor of Bauchi State, Senator Bala Mohammed on Friday said he’s now prepared to sign death warrant of anyone who offends the law.

The Governor made this revelation shortly signing the laws and the 2023 Appropriation Bill in Bauchi State.

Bala Mohammed said: “My Lord the Chief Judge is here with us, if the Judges will have the courage to implement the laws, I have the courage to sign the death warrant at the end of exhaustive legal processes.”

He added that: “Though it is going to be a tough decision to sign a death warrant, but we will have no option other than to do just that because it behooves us to ensure that justice was served.”

Bala Mohammed confessed that it’s not fair to keep anyone waiting after he has been rightly tried, and sentenced to death, rather it’s death warrant need be signed.

The Governor while lamenting the increase in cases of violence against children and women, assured that the signing of the laws will reduce the illegality.

He said: “Imagine a 9-month-old, a 3-year-old girl being defiled by a man old enough to be a grandfather, this is unacceptable. It left for the judiciary to enforce the laws to ensure that criminal justice is not delayed any longer.”

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