“I’m Getting Married”, lady creates WhatsApp group, adds all boyfriends, declares wedding date to them

A young lady whose identity was not revealed, has reportedly opened a Whatsapp group in which she added all the men she’s dating.

The young lady reportedly went ahead to declare her date of wedding to the men.

One of the men she disappointed, Prince Mudi, made this revelation via a tweet which has now gone viral.

Prince Mudi narrated how the lady opened a Whatsapp group and added him.

Mudi said the lady left the WhatsApp group immediately she finished announcing her date of wedding.

It was gathered that the WhatsApp platform was for all the men she’s dating.

The lady might have wanted to announce to them at once her intention to end her relationship with them, and move on with her life with her new man.

“I’m getting married” Prince Mudi quoted her.

Prince Mudi has via a tweet, said: “In 2017 I dated this girl for a year. One night she added me to a random WhatsApp group & said “all of you are the guys I didnt want & its over because I’m getting married next weekend.” “She immediately exited & left us getting to know each other.”

People’s reactions are as follows:

@Chukwuemekazee: “Her daughter ain’t suffering anything.”

@ohlynxx93: “The funny thing is that, her daughter might be the one to suffer for the offense her mother committed. Pure truth.”

@The_Saintmusty: “It’s game on after she exits the group. You guys should give her some time in her marriage and group members should take that time to know each other beta, afterward take a reunion to her house uninformed. If I dey that group, we go dey do the reunion yearly at her place.”

@PeccaviConsults: “No be for all of una to sew cloth, attend the wedding as per “friends of the bride”?”

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