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Frank Lampard has admitted that Chelsea are actually in a position they are not supposed to be.

Speaking after the 1-0 loss to Wolves on Saturday, he noted he didn’t expect a turnaround for the team over night.

Lampard was reappointed as a caretaker manager for the team after the sacking of Graham Potter last Sunday.

“We know we’re not in the position we want to be and there is always a reason for it,” Lampard said. “I was aware of that, and I did not expect to solve everything in one day.

The former Everton Manager pointed out that the Premier League is more dynamic in the face of competitiveness.

“If you’re analysing it, in a Premier League game you have to have more aggression in your game, more speed, more competitive duels that go your way, rather than the opposition.

“That is baseline stuff against a team fighting for their Premier League lives. It will always dictate the result of the game, regardless of the talent.

“There was a little bit of that today and the players need to be aware of that, because without that you can’t win games and you can’t be the team that Chelsea has been at different times, and we want to get back to.”

He added: “I am here to help with that, and this is not stinging criticism, but what are the reasons we can be like that at times?

“I know there is a lot of talent there in the squad, I have seen that in the last couple of days, and I look forward to working more with it.”

Lampard, who was sacked in January by Everton, relished his return to touchline duty with Chelsea, even though the result didn’t go his way.

“I am very happy to be back,” he said. “But I’m disappointed I could not give the fans a win in the first game back.

“But we go again and have a huge game waiting for us on Wednesday in the Champions League, and I am very excited about that.

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