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Heavy FIFA sanctions land on Uruguayan FA and Players over world cup misconduct

The world football governing body has handed suspension to Four Uruguayan players over their furious reaction to Uruguay’s World Cup exit in Qatar last year.

Despite winning their last game 2-0 against Ghana in Group H, the former world champions had South Korea advancing at their expense due to having scored more goals.

Reacting to how he was denied a late penalty after going down in the Ghana area, Cavani arbitrarily pushed the VAR monitor over after the game, while several of his team-mates surrounded referee Daniel Siebert fuming over the incident.

FIFA, has however revealed that Cavani and captain Godin have been hit with a one-match suspension, do a community football service and pay a fine of CHF 15,000 (£13,140).

Atletico Madrid defender Jose Gimenez and Galatasaray goalkeeper Fernando Muslera  were also banned for four games with a fine of CHF 20,000 (£17,520) and an order to do community football service work.

Meanwhile, the FIFA disciplinary committee found the Uruguayan FA responsible for the discriminatory behaviour of its supporters at the match.

It was further charged for misconduct, offensive behaviour and violation of the principles of fair play shown by players.

Consequently, FIFA said that Uruguay will be playing their next game with a partial stadium closure, with no fans allowed behind the goals at each end.The Uruguayan FA has also been fined CHF 50,000 (£43,800

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