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FreeTheAkoguns group suspend solidarity rally after pleas from CP

… set to resume protest, Wednesday

A group which has been agitating for the release of detained journalists, Akoguns, have raised alarm on the suspicious move of the state government to disrupt its peaceful solidarity and awareness walk.

The group said it has received information that the state government is making frantic efforts to disrupt our peaceful solidarity and awareness walk, which has been programmed to take place Monday, the 17th day of October.

It revealed that the government is planning to hijack its peaceful protest by making use of hoodlums to cause havoc and violence, harass members of the public, destroy the properties and put the blames on the peaceful protesters.

It added that the police is planning to arrest and detain protesting members of the group, the same way it did to the Akoguns and protesters who were tear gassed and arrested on Friday.

The group also revealed that the office of the commissioner of police has been sending delegates to plead with them not to proceed with the solidarity walk.

The FreeTheAkoguns group also explained that the same office of the commissioner of police has also called its legal practitioner, Lanre Abdul Esq., telling him to persuade the group to call off the protest.

The group also said even though majority of the protesters were not ready to call off the protest, they had to agree with the stand of the parents of the Akoguns who wanted the protest to be called off.

The group has therefore decided to put on hold the solidarity walk scheduled for Monday, till the state government and the police take the right decision.

The group has therefore resolved to proceed with the solidarity walk on Wednesday, if no positive development is recorded.

“Our resolve to make sure that justice is served remains unwavered, our believe that an injury to one is an injury to all remains sacrosanct, and we use this medium to warn all state actors to avoid using naked state powers against its citizens, as it will be resisted by all and sundry!” stated the group.

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