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Fernandez reveals why Man Utd lost to Liverpool

Bruno Fernandes has revealed that their ‘lost of control’ was the major reason why they were defeated by Liverpool on Sunday.

Liverpool got the best of the game and walloped the Red devils 7-0 at the Anfield.

Speaking to Sky Sports, captain Fernandes noted that he was disappointed with the way things went in the game.

“Obviously it’s very frustrating. I’m disappointed and sad because it’s a really bad result. We came here with a different mindset before the game.

“I think the first half was really good from ourselves, we had a lot of chances and we controlled most of the first half. I think they didn’t create that much but obviously the second half was not at our level.

“We gave too much space away, we gave them too much time and gave away too many counters to them and we know how much of a threat they are in those situations. It was just not our level and we know how much better we can be, how much quality we have, and now it’s about going to the next game and getting a result.

The Portuguese further stressed that the team lost control and composure in the second half, adding they lacked balance to react aggresively to the game.

“I think the team tried to react but when you go forward and give away so much space to Liverpool, as I’ve said before, when we tried to go forward and tried to score goals we lost a bit of balance and a bit of control of our positions on the pitch.

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