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Dan Azeez, Nigerian-descent British Boxer ready for ‘King of Europe’ fight

Dan Azeez, a British born Nigerian-descent Boxer has expressed his desire to become the king of Europe when he takes on European light-heavyweight champion Thomas Faure on March 11.

Born to a south Londoner’s parents, Azeez has enjoyed an impressive career in boxing since he became pro in 2017.

A graduate of of accounting and finance at Essex University will be attempting to take his career to the next level when he gets into the ring on Saturday in Paris.

So far, the British champion and commonwealth belt holder has a record of 18 wins and no defeats with 12 stoppages in his blistering career.

“You’ve had people like max schmeling [who won this title in 1927]. he beat joe louis but obviously joe louis smashed him in the rematch. you’ve got john conteh from liverpool. there’s some big names that have won that title. it’s a prestigious belt, it’s another prestigious belt that i’m trying to get,” Azeez told Skysports ahead of the bout.

The fight between Azeez and Thomas Faure will take place in Paris, the home country of the latter.

“We are in enemy territory. That’s what you’ve got to do sometimes. You’ve got to go overseas to get what you want,” he said.

“I’m definitely not someone to try and tiptoe around my way to the top. No, that won’t give me no satisfaction. I’m coming out to France, I want to feel that animosity from Faure’s fans. he said in an interview.



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