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‘Confess your extramarital affair to your husband’ – Nollywood actress advises women

The popular Nollywood actress, Christabel Egbenya, has advised women to confess their extramarital affair to their husbands.

She has advised women to open up to their husbands about their wayward lifestyles especially their extramarital affair.

She added that their husbands may not find faults in them, even after such confessions.

Christabel while granting interview said paternity fraud should not be blamed on infidelity at all time, as some children got swapped in the hospital.

She advised women to live with their husbands with utmost honesty, and if they get impregnated by men other than their husbands, they should confess to their husbands.

The Nollywood actress said: “I don’t see anything wrong with conducting a paternity test. It is not always because the person suspects infidelity. There have been instances where children were changed and given to different parents at the hospital.

“If you did something (extramarital affair) outside and got pregnant, and you feel you need to open up to your husband, go ahead and talk to him. There are some men that might be comfortable with such a situation, and won’t mind the woman keeping the child. It is wrong to hide such information from one’s partner.

“If the man wants to undertake the raising of the child; that is fine. After all, men go outside their marriages to have kids, and come back to plead with their wives.”

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