Broda Shaggi and Sabinus

Broda Shaggi, Sabinus, Others Top 2022 List Of Skit Makers

In the year 2022, comedian Samuel Perry, alias Broda Shaggi, became the platform’s most popular skit creator in Nigeria.

This is in accordance with a list that the digital analytics company Dataleum released on Monday.

The company additionally releases quarterly reports on the entertainment industry’s skit production market.

On the Top Five Nigerian Skit Makers List 2023, Mr Funny, also known as Sabinus, Brainjotter, Cute Abiola, and Taaooma were listed after Broda Shaggi.

Broda Shaggi posted 270 skits on his Instagram page between January and December 2022, garnering over 175 million views. The skit maker topped the chart in the first quarter of 2022 and remained in second place in the subsequent quarters.

Sabinus topped the charts from Q2 to Q4, with the exception of Q1, when he came in second.

He also experienced impressive growth in followers, rising from 1.7 million at the end of Q1 to 3.4 million by December 2022.

Sabinus’ 191 skits received over 169 million views. Brainjotter comes in second with 95.9 million views, followed by Cute Abiola with 94.5 million views.

Taaooma, the only female in the top 5, received 88 million views for the 109 sketches she shared on her Instagram profile.

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